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I bought this Peugeot Expert van to change into a mini camper van for our travels to Germany and Holland. These 10 or so pictures are from the for sale advert. The van came with a full MOT and the timing belt was done the year prior so no need to worry about that snapping for a while.

As you can see its quite clean and the wee dent you see in that rear bumper is about all that is wrong with it, well apart from the obvious age related marks what would polish out if i made the effort.

The van came with the roof rack. I took that off for now but i do intend to use that later for our travels. The pipe holder you see belonged to the seller and he was keeping that. Think i would have binned it anyway.

All the wood lining you see got binned apart from what was on the sides as i just cleaned that up as there was nothing wrong with it apart from dirt.

This is the cab. That bulkhead went as i could not get the seat right back for my long legs

I am unsure what to do with the cab floor yet. I do have a slight leak i am yet to find so the rubber floor is staying just now. 

The flooring is rotten due to all the doors leaking so that went in the bin also

152k miles. Quite high but it was getting serviced ant it runs well with no smoke or burning oil so not that bothered. The engine is the non turbo 1.9D so a bit of a slug. It will cruse along as 70mph but ill be sticking to 60-65 as that seems to be the best for fuel consumption. I have had as low as 29mpg and as high as 48. My average over the past 15 fuel stops is around 37 but i expect that to rise as i have been doing a lot of town miles.

One of the first jobs was to put some new sounds in as the Pug CD player was buggered and the Ariel fell off so it was kind of quiet in the cab. I am trying to do this on a small budget (£600 max) but this is without a built in sink, cooker or electrics. Just a basic short trip camper.

I went to B&Q for some new flooring but i stored this in my shed on its side and it warped. I cut it up into sections and using it as the top for my rock n roll bed. You will see what i mean later when i build that.

Out with the old floor. Rust wise its not to bad as what you see is just surface rust what i will get into.

The cab seats are quite clean but that double passenger one will be going as i want a single swivel seat put in for access to the rear. Not getting a swivel drivers one as a unit/seat will be behind that anyway so happy to swing round on my arse.

So the rust that was on the floor, i brushed it down and painted with red oxide paint. Shame the white is so expensive as i like the Matt finish and would brush down the whole van in white :)